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I am a naturopathic nutritional therapist, functional medicine practitioner and fully qualified teacher. I specialise in mental health, Autism and ADHD. I use only proven and effective nutritional medicine and functional testing.

I offer one-to-one consultations, workshops, presentations and bespoke services for families.

Contact me for a free 20 minute phone consultation to find out more.

"Changing your philosophy about food can empower you to make healthier choices and can 'literally' change your life"

W H A T   I S   N U T R I T I O N A L   T H E R AP Y ?

  • Aims to help the body to function at its best through optimum nutrition.

  • Can correct deficiencies and may reverse, halt or prevent disease.

  • Provides a complete nutritional strategy for each individual patient and his/her specific needs.

  • Can be used on its own or successfully as a support therapy.

  • Aims to look at underlying causes of your symptoms and help you adapt your eating habits for a healthier life. A nutritional therapist will ask you to give detailed information about your diet and lifestyle.

Functional Medicine Can Help With a Vast Array of Pathologies...

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