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Half day workshops cost £30 - 45 per person depending on the workshop.  Contact me to discuss and ensure a bespoke service to suit the needs of your specific establishment. 
Some examples of services I offer are:
K E Y   S T A G E   O N E
  • Assemblies.
  • Parent/child cooking demonstrations.
  • Group work within the class.
  • Talks for a healthy eating week.
  • Juice and smoothie workshops.
  • Talks/presentations for parents on healthy lunchboxes.


  • Assemblies.

  • Workshops.

  • Talks for teachers and parents.

  • ADHD and Autism and how we behaviours can be reduced through diet.

  • Juice and smoothie workshops.

  • Simplified/visual lessons on the importance of healthy eating.

K E Y   S T A G E   T W O

  • Talks/presentation about healthy eating.

  • Assemblies.

  • Workshops.

  • Talks/presentations on healthy eating and lunchboxes.

K E Y   S T A G E   T H R E E

  • Talks/presentations about the importance of healthy eating.

  • Biology and biochemistry of healthy eating.

  • Elimination diets – gluten, sugar, dairy etc.

  • Veganism/vegetarianism.

  • Cooking/preparation demonstrations/workshops.

  • Food labelling and marketing.

C O N T A C T   M E 
C O N T A C T   M E !
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