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I have been working with Emma for the last four months and have been so pleased with the results
so far and I know there are so many more to come. A few months before contacting Emma I had
been diagnosed with PCOS. Although there is lots to read around PCOS, I am not a typical case as I
have always been very lean and struggled to put weight on. When I started working with Emma, I
had been off the pill for 10 months, trying to conceive but had no luck so far. My periods were
irregular with then only a day of bleeding, my skin was also very greasy and broken out. For the first
time in my life, I also found myself struggling with mild anxiety and low self-esteem. I remember
everyone saying I would ‘feel like a new woman’ when I came off the pill and so much happier… but
that never happened and for what should be a very happy time in my life I felt very down.

Even from the first time I met with Emma, I came away feeling the most positive I felt in a long time.
She made me feel like I had known her forever and could be so open from the get-go. It was amazing for someone to sit and listen to me for so long, to go into such depth and detail. She showed such a passion to, not only help me manage PCOS symptoms on a daily basis, but was so excited to be part of bringing another human into the world. Until you have been trying over a year, it’s very difficult to get much support from doctors and and it was difficult for me to talk about trying to conceive, so it felt like a very lonely place.
Emma took a very comprehensive case history and we did some genetic testing, which proved to be informative. 
Working with Emma has given me the strength and positivity to continue on this journey. Since implementing a new diet and introducing nervous system support like meditation, I have put on weight and retained this which is huge for me. My cycles have reduced, and my bleeding has ‘normalised’. My hairdresser has commented on how healthy my hair is and how much new growth there is.
Most importantly, I feel so much better in myself, back to my normal self. I am yet to conceive but I feel like my body is so much healthier and in a better place for when I do conceive.
From the first moment I started speaking to Emma about my chronic nerve pain, I knew by her enthusiasm that she was going to do all she could to help.

Emma is friendly, empathetic and easy to talk to. She has left no stone unturned and is going deeper than I ever expected someone would to help me with my condition.

There was never any guarantee and Emma made it quite clear this was not a quick fix but about lifestyle choices. I was unsure it was going to help me and improve my quality of live.

But I can honestly say that it has and the best thing is that Emma is still determined to improve it even more.
At our follow up appointment she went into more detail re:the specifics, asked what was working and what wasn't and has ordered some functional tests to explore plasma mineral levels and explore the gut:brain axis via a comprehensive stool test. I am interested to find out the results, implement any changes accordingly and continue on this wellness journey with Emma. 

I started working with Emma whilst at a real low in my life, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had endured a 12-month gruelling treatment plan of chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy.

It was now more than ever that I realised how important nutrition was going to be for me, I needed a plan, a list of foods and supplements that would aid my recovery but I didn’t know where to start with all the conflicting advice in books and on the internet…


Emma helped me through this by giving me a plan of what foods to have and when to introduce them, her recipes, preparation and cooking tips where meticulously listed thus giving me the confidence to prepare with ease.

As each day passes I’m feeling more focused, healthier and generally much more energised.  I cannot recommend Emma highly enough.


Thank you Emma xx

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