• Emma Tellett

Toxic shocker!!!!

I recently displayed low levels of iron and calcium in my system. Following a year of studying biomedicine and a 'continually improving diet' I knew this was unlikely to be dietary but more likely functional. Looking at my overall clinical profile led my homeopath and I to believe that it was an absorption issue. Digestion is a complicated machine involving so may bodily processes including the 'oh so important' absorption. Ignorantly I believed I was healthy because I carefully monitored what I was eating, I didn't even stop to consider the possibility of it 'not getting in'. I proceeded to do a test for toxic heavy metals which came back with a surprisingly high arsenic level. The reference range is 98, the population average is 38 and my levels were 312!!!!!

Arsenic is one of the top five carcinogens so I knew I had to find out the source and do my best to eliminate it. The only thing I could pinpoint that I did excessively was juicing. I have read that pesticides can contain toxins and I DID often use non-organic so I started eating/juicing only organic produce. I juiced less but I figured the goodness was more potent and quality is better than quantity. I drank more water and attempted to sweat more through exercise, knowing that this was an excellent detoxification pathway. I also undertook a homeopathic detox following the guidance of Dr David Owen. The final change I made was to activate and dehydrate nuts and seeds to ensure toxins and moulds were removed.

To be perfectly honest I was worried that being a smoker in my youth and eating badly had taken its toll, I could not see how I would improve the levels drastically enough with those few changes. Four months later I sent in the re-test......by this time I will admit I was energised and feeling more positive and happy. There are often many variables and this could have been that I was at a different stage of grief having lost my mum in May or because it had been summer and I'd had a rest. I anxiously awaited the results, sincerely hoping it was now below 100. My arsenic levels were 34!!!!!

I couldn't wait to blog this story because it proves that toxicity can build up in our bodies and cause all sorts of problems regardless of exercise and diet. I 100% believe that my toxicity was preventing my body from absorbing the nutrients it needed for effective cellular function. A few small changes and some nutritional therapy and Bobs your uncle I'm back to my old self!!!! If only everyone knew about the possibilities .........

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