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The Dispensary Kitchen – Winchester

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

This was such an experience that I felt it deserved its own blog post. Upon entering what can only be described as a unimposing, intriguing building, we were met with a warm welcome. Not a ‘We’re a restaurant and you’re paying' kind of plastic welcome but a ‘Hey guys come in and make yourselves at home' kind of welcome. I was immediately struck by the relationships between staff. There was no austere pretence but a friendly, relaxed feel that I was instantly drawn to. Yes, this is a personal preference and an individual opinion but still, I felt the need to share. 'Vanity' the chef and proprietor was so lovely to her staff it is no wonder she gets the best out of them. They were all quirky, smiling and teasing each other – a rarity in such an environment and, for me and my husband, a bonus whilst enjoying a stunning meal.  

We had - 

Charred octopus with crispy potatoes lyonaise onions, lemon and chive hollandaise,.Onion, cheddar and chive foccacia chilli chutney and yoghurt (to die for!!!)Miso and peanut glazed bavette, pickled cucumber, shallot, coriander and crispy shallot. ( I am veggie but my hubbie assured me it was the best beef he has ever tasted and I would be lying if I didn’t admit to being tempted away from my vegginess)Harissa fried whole prawns.Grilled halloumi, red pepper puree, roasted chickpea, pickled chilli and watercress.Miso and chilli glazed aubergine and courgette, pomegranate, maple coated seeds and coriander.

Genuinely – not one dish was ‘just average’. Beautifully presented, tasted great and all served with a smile and a dash of humour (oh and a cheeky Saturday beer!!!) Highly recommend but only to those that will respect the lovely staff and their quirky ways!!! A phenomenal find!! Keen to try breakfast and lunch now...

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