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Graze Festival

So after a restful week surfing with the fam in Cornwall, my daughter and I attended Graze festival with the Spiritual Sisterhood, an eclectic group of complementary therapists under the umbrella of Thrive cafe and well-being (who attended with their fab new festy caravan serving homemade delicious vegan and vegetarian food.) The weather made for a fabulous day. Many questions regarding nutritional therapy and numerous potential clients having taster therapy sessions and attending our many talks.

The lesson I learnt following my well planned, scientific explanation of nutritional therapy???? Erm......Not to be so well planned and scientific!!!!

A gentleman came up to me at the end and said so what services would you 'actually' offer??? A real learning curve for me and one that has prompted me to begin to establish a variety of possible consultation/training/ 1:1 packages to go on the website, watch this space ......any feedback is most welcome.

As I am currently 'not fully trained' I have been skeptical about offering advice clinically to people so have opted for explanations of what 'true' nutritional therapy can offer. I have decided that I will continue to blog any exciting findings but also attempt to blog parts of my training so that readers can begin to 'get a feel' of the education/training we undertake and how it implements our practice. Back to college at the beginning of October so I will keep you posted......

All in all a great day out with great people.

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Nutritional Therapists do not claim to treat or diagnose medical conditions. Nutritional Therapy is not intended to replace medical advice. Nutritional Therapy works alongside conventional medicine. If you have a medical condition, you must contact your GP.

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