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Activate your nuts!

I have mentioned activating seeds and nuts following my attendance at an explore raw workshop. However I really feel it deserves its own blog. Yes it takes a while but when you really start to look into the moulds found in raw nuts and the effect they can have on your body it really is worth it. Moulds/fungal poisons (sometimes called myco-toxins) are found mostly in raw nuts and seeds and, eaten in large amounts, can lead to many health issues. Myco-toxins aren't living like mould spores so when you think about killing them it really means breaking them down and thus reducing their toxicity so they are no longer dangerous to humans. This is done simply by soaking nuts and seeds and then dehydrating them. Trust me when you do this and 'see' the colour of the water and the 'scum' left behind you may just be sold. I soak all my seeds and nuts overnight in a large bowl of water, drain them in the morning (ensuring I rinse over with clean fresh water) and place them in the dehydrator for 24 hours (if like mine your dehydrator has gaps small enough for small seeds to 'fall through' just cut some greaseproof paper to line the seed layers). You will find that your seeds and nuts are crunchier and more flavoursome and by activating them in the water you have enhanced their enzymatic properties - they have become 'living' and therefore able to offer enhanced nutritional value without the mould!!

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