As a teacher of twenty years, I fully recognise that there are a whole host of behaviours 'in between' that don't necessitate a label. Nonetheless they can still be modified with nutrition and natural medicine. 

There are also many other learning difficulties, such as dyslexia that can be supported with functional medicine. Contact me for a free 20 minute consultation to find out more.



ADHD is a neuro-developmental disorder. It is not ‘caused’ by diet but research suggests that diet can impact its presentation significantly.


The ‘exact’ cause is uncertain but research shows that genetics play a major role.  


Available evidence also suggests fatty acid metabolism may also be a factor.


Imbalances in the neurotransmitters dopamine and noradrenaline have also been proven to be responsible. The pathways involved in the synthesis of these neurotransmitters require specific nutrients. 


With a thorough nutritional consultation supported by cutting edge laboratory testing, I am able to identify and correct nutritional deficiencies, gastrointestinal disturbances, genetic factors, toxic exposure and inflammation that may be impacting these physiological processes and thus exacerbating behaviours.




Having taught children with Autism for over ten years I have a particular interest in this area. 


I have worked with many families who have just found out their child has Autism and this can be a scary and lonely place. Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterised by difficulties in social communication and specific patterns of behaviour. Autism spectrum conditions vary extensively and the complexity and ambiguity of autism has generated a myriad of theories as regards to the cause. 


Research into autism is extensive and ongoing and has made incredible progress over the last twenty years.


From a nutritional perspective, there are many interesting areas of research to consider.


Gut health (including permeability, the gut-brain axis and food sensitivities), nutritional deficiencies, toxicity, genetics and metabolism should all be considered.


As with ADHD a full consultation and suggested functional testing may go some way to rebalancing the body’s equilibrium and improving behaviours that may affect the quality of life.


I am not, for one second, suggesting Autism doesn’t carry a whole host of beneficial and charming traits – I have had the absolute pleasure of experiencing these first-hand.  Nonetheless, it can be a confusing and worrying condition that may require a little ‘natural’ support. 




Nutritional Therapists do not claim to treat or diagnose medical conditions. Nutritional Therapy is not intended to replace medical advice. Nutritional Therapy works alongside conventional medicine. If you have a medical condition, you must contact your GP.

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